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Japanese Poll Reveals Almost 3% Identify As Bisexual

A new poll from the Japan LGBT+ Research Institution Inc. has found that 3% of people in Japan identify as bisexual, larger than other LGBT+ identities in the poll.

Furthermore, the poll found that 1.4% said they "question their sexuality.”

0.9% of people identify either as gay or asexual.

“When it came to gender identity, 2.5% of respondents said they identified as gender non-binary, 1.8% said they identified as transgender, while a further 1.2% said that they were questioning their gender identity,” ‘Gay Times’ report. 

Following the poll, the Japan LGBT Research Institute said that “our society needs to face [the reality] in a sincere manner.”

If correct, this data would indicate that almost one in ten people in Japan identify as LGBT+.

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