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Before the curtains close, a lesbian couple exchange their vows onstage!

The broadway musical "The Prom" celebrates inclusivity on and off stage. On Saturday evening, just before the curtain close, two brides took to the stage and connected their lives. 

The couple had talked about having a small affair just before the main event scheduled for next month and the stage was there to greet them. 

Armelle Kay Harper, a script coordinator for “The Prom,” and her new wife Jody Kay Smith found the perfect place, surrounded by friends and colleagues and the theatres' audience of strangers to share their love.

After the completion of the play, the audience was surprised to witness an actual wedding.

The Prom follows a "small-town Indiana lesbian couple facing opposition to attending the prom together” creating the ideal introduction for the audience of what was to follow. 

Bob Martin, one of the writers of the show, had been ordained online and officiated creating a unique wedding and giving the audience an extra reason to smile after the end of the musical.

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