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LGBTQ Rights at Work with Owen Jones

Tuesday 8 October 2019, 7pm–8.30pm

SamsungKX, London, N1C 4DQ

Join us for our latest Smashing the glass ceiling event on Tuesday 8 October. This series focuses on how to promote equality in the workplace, and in our fifth edition we’ll be exploring the meaning of an LGBTQ friendly workplace, what you can do if your workplace isn’t accommodating, and why you should.

This event will be chaired by Guardian columnist Owen Jones, and will analyse the benefits of improved workplace LGBTQ equality, including improved health, increased job satisfaction, better relationships with coworkers and supervisors, and greater work commitment.

Confirmed speakers include Sanjay Sood-Smith, the executive director of workplace and community programmes at Stonewall; Jane Fae, a writer and feminist with a particular interest in the rights of individuals to express their own sexuality without censure by the state and Lisa Charlwood-Green, the director of the WOW network, a professional network for LGBTQ+ women.

You will leave with practical tips on how to encourage your company to commit to more supportive and inclusive policies, and what you should do if you feel your company is being discriminatory.


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Running time: 90 minutes, no interval. The ticket for this event will include access to a networking reception with complimentary drinks.

Wheelchair users and visitors who require an assistant may bring a companion free of charge. To book a free companion ticket please email


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